Choosing Happiness

Life isn’t always about action, its about reaction. Often things are out of our control and the only thing we can do is respond appropriately to each and every situation. That’s what differentiates a happy person from a miserable one. Not everything in life will be beautiful and perfect, but you can make it that way if you choose to see the best in every situation.

I know a young woman, (lets call her Jane) who acts like the world is ending almost every minute of every day. Jane is constantly arguing with people when things don’t go her way and she is a strong believer in the fact that the world is against her. She’s a nightmare to be around and she wonders why she doesn’t have many friends or family that want to spend time with her.

On the other hand I know another girl, (We’ll call her Jenny) who is the most vibrant of all people that I know. She’s had hard times and she isn’t afraid to admit that but she is radiant through it all. Jenny chooses to be happy no matter the situation at hand. She reminds herself that she can get through anything and she looks to her friends and family for guidance and advice instead of pushing them away when she’s down. I can honestly say that Jenny brings the best out of everyone. She makes people around her feel at ease and everyone leaves her feeling happier than they were before.

We can all be a Jenny. We can all choose to be happy and free of stress. Remember that life is all about reaction. You can have a beautiful life. Just make the decision to be positive and stick to it.

Motivational Monday’s

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Charles R. Swindoll

There are two kinds of people in this world, people that wait for good things to happen to them in order to be happy and people that choose to be happy through the good, the bad and the ugly.

Things are going to happen. You are going to fall in love and fall out of it. You’ll experience the beauty of seeing someone come into this world and morn the loss of someone leaving it. You will feel the highs of being successful at something you worked really hard for, but you’ll also one day feel the terrible shame of failing at something you truly wanted. It’s all part of this crazy thing we call life.

I know what it feels like to feel so low you don’t know how to get back up. Just remember that it’s all worth it. There are worse things that can happen and though that might not make you feel better, focus on all of the positives. Look at the people around you. Focus on all of the good things you have. Happiness is a choice. Tell yourself you are happy, even if you don’t feel it at first. You’ll get there.