21 Cheap Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Netflix

Let’s be real – times can get tough and we don’t always have the funds to take our significant others to fancy restaurants and luxurious date spots, but that’s okay! Below is a list of awesome and fun date ideas that won’t break the bank.

  1. Picnic at the park
  2. Walk by the lake and feed the ducks
  3. Rent a pair of bikes and bike through the city.
  4. Make a homemade dinner and eat it by candlelight
  5. Go for FroYo
  6. Explore the museums in your city
  7. Go to your local art gallery!
  8. Try the bean boozled challenge with your loved one
  9. Learn something new together
  10. Go Bowling
  11. Volunteer at the humane society
  12. Play tourist for the day and go for a walk downtown
  13. Sing your heart out at a karaoke bar
  14. Buy a bottle of wine and watch the sunset together
  15.  Go for a brunch date. Restaurants usually have cheaper options during the early mornings and afternoons
  16. Have a movie marathon and prepare a bunch of snacks for the day
  17. Roller skating!
  18. Go to a flea market. No need to buy anything looking around can be just as fun
  19. Build a fire and roast marshmallows
  20. Have a cooking competition and have your family and friends judge the results
  21. Game Night!

How To Spice Up Your Relationship

We all reach a stage in our relationship where fires seem to die down and being with our partners starts to feel like a routine.  In this post I’ll be sharing a few ways to really add some spice back into your love life in no time at all.

  1. Pamper Yourself

Spa Salon II

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There’s nothing more attractive than a man or woman that takes care of themselves. Treat yourself to a bath and a couple face masks, go get a massage, or even get a hair cut. I know this sounds incredibly simple but you’ll feel refreshed and confident, and your partner will feed off of that.

2. Give each other space

When you’re around your loved ones too much you get used to them. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but after a while you’ll have less to talk about because you do everything together. Spending a little time away gives you and your partner the chance to miss each other. After being a way for a few hours/ days you’ll really want to see that person and tell them everything that happened while you  were gone.

A great way to do this other than going and treating yourself like I mentioned before, is to go spend time with your friends by getting a few drinks, or seeing a movie. You could also try going to the gym for a couple of hours after work or spending the weekend at your parents house.

3. Lingerie

Emanuelle Araújo posa de lingerie para Ano Novo

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This might not be for everyone but I love surprising my partner with lingerie or a cute costume. I know a couple of people who wait for a special occasion to dress up, but its equally as gratifying to see when first coming home after a stressful day. Dressing up is something intimate and adventurous to introduce to your love life and can be really playful and fun.

4. Try Something New Together

Date nights can get really boring when you do the same old dinner and a movie all the time.  A great way to make date night really fun is to try something new together! Go to an escape room. Go to Laser Tag. Bring out your inner artists and go to a Paint Night. Doing new things with a partner will bring out the inner child in both of you and lead to great new memories.

5. Take a vacation

We alllllll need to recharge our batteries once and a while. Getting away from work, your friends and family can be a huge reset for your relationship. By getting away from technologies and the stresses of your everyday life you can really start focusing on each other. Traveling is also really great  for team building because you’ll both be heavily relying on each other to get around and ask for things if you don’t speak the language. So try getting away for a few days or weeks and come back a whole new couple.

6. Go the extra mile

love note

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Every once and a while it’s good to go above and beyond for our loved ones. My boyfriend is a sucker for pancake breakfasts and when I find I have a little extra time in the morning I’ll surprise him with a table full of food. It makes him super happy and me even happier because I start off my morning with a belly full of food and some quality time with my partner.

By doing little things whenever you get the chance you’re showing that you really care. Although whoever you’re with definitely knows you love them, it’s always nice for them to see how much you love and appreciate them through the little things.  You can do this by leaving love notes, taking care of all of the chores for them, making an awesome dinner for the two of you, planning a game night at home and much much more. I promise they’ll feel closer and more affectionate towards you after.


I hope this post helps to add a bit of spice back to your love life. Let me know if you tried any of these tips in the comments below or if you have  any questions or comments.


stay happy!